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Commercial Window Tinting Service
in Englewood, OH

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Get the privacy you deserve in your vehicle at Iron Clad Tint Company. Our specialty is car window tinting in Englewood, OH. Whether you want carbon or ceramic film, we’ve got you covered. We also work on headlight and taillight tinting. Trust our hard-working team with your project today. 

Lower Your Heating & AC Bills

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Save money on your heating and air conditioning when you install commercial window tinting to your business. Our office window tint will provide you with UV protection and heat reflection. Regular windows allow heat from the sun in and raise indoor temperatures. Most heat and light get blocked out with our office window tint.

Carbon Film

Made with nano-carbon particles, carbon film contains no dyes and provides your window with a unique matte look. Using the most advanced nano carbon technology, carbon film will keep your car cool with its heat-reflecting properties. It also doesn’t fade over time like other car window tinting. 

Ceramic Film

Protect your eyes from 99% of the UV rays that come through your car. Though ceramic film uses the same sheets as regular window film, it’s coated with ceramic particles, which are non-conductive and non-metallic. Our ceramic film at Iron Clad Tint Company also provides effective heat resistance and privacy. Enjoy the benefits of this car window tinting today in Englewood, OH.

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When you need a window tinting professional in Englewood, OH, trust Iron Clad Tint Company to complete your project. We specialize in automotive, residential, and commercial window tinting. No matter the scale of the project, make us your go-to window tinting company. Phone us for a free quote or fill out the contact form below.

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